2019 Dodge Challenger SRT ® Hellcat: What Can We Expect?

Dodge has been in the works of updating their infamous Dodge SRT ® Hellcat model vehicle. This muscle car was specifically engineered with performance in mind. The 2019 model plans to be no different and continues to push the envelope of performance.

Dodge has beat out its Hellcat design with the Dodge Challenger SRT ® Demon model. Although, the Demon may not be returning in 2019. The Hellcat is. Dodge recently put out a teaser of some of the updates on the Hellcat and they are sure not to disappoint.

A noteable change from previous models is the Hellcat’s updated hood style. It sports a dual-snorkel hood. This is considered a Mopar design theme. This is an iconic style that was more popular in the 1960’s and the 1970’s. With this style update, the Hellcat tips its hat off to classic muscle cars and continues to deliver unique performance capabilities. The modern take on this classic look provides for maximum air intake to the supercharged engine for the stunning performance capabilities that this vehicle is known for.

Specifications of the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT ® Hellcat

The 2018 model sports a 6.2-liter Supercharged HEMI ® V8- SRT ® Demon engine. This gives the vehicle the potential to reach 707 horsepower! To keep you in control of these outstanding capabilities, it has an SRT ® Tuned Bilstein ® 3-Mode Competition Suspension. That means more control in tight corners and quick maneuvers.

The current Hellcat also comes in two different body styles. Folks have the option between the standard Hellcat and the widebody Hellcat. The widebody Hellcat offers drivers a bit more control and stability to match this Dodge model vehicle’s performance chops. Although, the wider body tends to make parking a bit more difficult.