Performance Pages Makes New Dodge Challenger More Exciting!

Driving the Dodge Challenger is an exhilarating experience, every time. That is why owners like you will appreciate performance pages which are now available with its multimedia system. With this app, you can keep track of your vehicle's performance in various ways. Think of it as bragging rights for the next time you meet up with your fellow car enthusiasts!

With the Dodge performance pages app uploaded to your Uconnect® system, you can get real-time data about your vehicle's abilities. Information ranges anywhere from the g-force exerted to horsepower and torque supplied. Presented in a visual manner, the platform makes it more fun to keep track of your ride from one place to the next. You can access settings for enabling your paddle shifters and setting driving modes for powertrain, traction control, and steering. In this way, you have control over the parameters of your sports car's capability. It also provides a comprehensive overview of gauges like oil temperature and pressure so you are always informed about your vehicle's condition.

Want to see how the performance pages works? Then we invite you to Brandon Dodge on Broadway. One of our experts will accompany you for a test drive around our Dodge dealership in Littleton, Colorado, and teach you more about this tool and many other benefits that come with the Dodge Challenger. Before you know it, you will enter a whole new world of driving. Interested? Then do not wait and head over for a consultation with us today!

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