The Long Lasting Ram 1500

We all know that Ram makes some of the most powerful, long lasting trucks around. Your Ram truck will work as hard as you do all day long, and will never give a single complaint. Your Ram truck will drive just fine for a long time... even after 600,000 miles.

Lynda is the proud owner of a 1997 Ram 1500, and she just recently passed an important milestone: hitting the 600,000 mile mark on her odometer. Okay, technically it wasn't that recently, since she actually has 602,325 miles on there. That's the distance from LA to NY 215 times, or the distance of driving around the equator 24 times. In fact, that's more than the distance to the moon and back! Lynda has firsthand proof of what we've known all along; the Ram 1500 is one of the most capable, reliable trucks on the market. Come see for yourself just what Ram has to offer. Give us a call at (888) 319-7512 to schedule a test drive.

Unfortunately, your test drive will have to be under 600,000 miles.

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